The Author

Aimee Inomata is a writer and sometime academic with a PhD in Literature and Philosophy.  Aimee began her university studies at the ridiculously tender age of 17 and somewhat disillusioned with the process left after a year of study to live and work in Hong Kong.  It was not until ten years later that she finally made a creditable return to university after an exceedingly half-hearted attempt at the age of 23.  Then, in the interests of making up for lost time (she was roughly ten years older than most of the other students), she completed a BA and an MA in rapid succession at the University of Auckland before receiving a doctoral scholarship to Sydney University.
Her doctoral thesis was the result of attending a seminar in which the question “why study literature?” along with the subtext “given it appears to offer little in the way of financial advantage” was the topic.  Literature and philosophy, she realised, provided her with opportunities for investigation regarding what it might mean to lead an authentic life.  This led inevitably to the question which deals most effectively with the question of authenticity: philosophy or literature?

On returning from Sydney, Aimee spent the following six years teaching and lecturing at the University of Auckland on a wide variety of courses ranging from Writing Studies to Shakespeare, Critical and Cultural Studies and the Modern Novel before leaving to research and write The Special Patient.  She has now spent well over 10,000 hours researching mental health, psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology and neuro-almosteverything.

She hopes Jeff Buckley will be reincarnated and the words “excited” and “awesome” removed from the English language.  She anticipates that one day she will be found completely buried under a large pile of books due in part to the fact that she’s rubbish at stacking.

Finally she believes that every sentient being should be treated with the dignity and respect that is their due.  Even people that are really excited about their upcoming project which will be awesome.